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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Day 13

Day 13- a letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Dear Mr Nizam,
remember when we were the best of friends?
I do. I remember the long talks on the phone
everyday on the weekend spent together
never having anyone say one name without the other
going everywhere with each other
doing everything together
knowing each other better than ourselves
but then you decide to hurt me like i never thought possible.

you always think its me, but you were the one who hurt me.
im just so tired of all the things you find to get mad about.
im not going to try explain what happened because
knowing you, you won't listen to anything i have to say.
how could you think i would do something like that?
i thought you knew me, but i guess not.
nothing would happened if you never decided to do
what you do..

you were the only one i trusted in life
i told you everything now i can't trust anyone
my heart is closed and will take a lot to be opened again.
i want to talk to you the way we did before
i have cried over this too much and now im just mad
i wish you never did what you did
but at night all i think about is all the good time
we had and i think to myself this is the end
of our relationship..
it hurts me so much to think like that, but i have to know
i loved you like a friend, a bestfriend, a brother,
i just want you to realize that you were at wrong
but i know you won't
and thats why we can't be friend
i want you to remember the day you 
hold me in your arm
i cried and told you everything that jerk did..

you told me everything will be alright
you was there for me..
i just can't get over
how you are going to believe the
boy believe that lied to you and the most
and not believe your girl
it just scares me how much i try and sometimes
knowing nothing will work
if you just try then maybe we can be friends
but until then i have to go on life
living like i have naver lived before
without you as 
my bestfriend..

this is a long letter in the past but never want to give to Mr Nizam.. just keep it and yes he is my best friend. a good friend of the different meanings for both of us. we only just found out what was going on between us two and it was difficult to pass if only singly. yes! i'm hurt by what he has done but he is entitled to a second chance.. i'm happy with the current situation and if the match was destined to me, i thank him with a pleased..

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