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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Selamat Hari Jadi, awak!



Selamat Hari Jadi

Semalam kita berkawan
kemudian kita jadi kawan rapat
dan kemudian hubungan kita lebih daripada sekadar kawan rapat

bohonglah kalau selama kita kenal
kita hanya bersama semasa senang sahaja
dan bohonglah kalau selama kita kenal
saya pernah tinggalkan awak semasa awak dalam kesusahan

bukan orang pertama yang mengajar saya erti kasih sayang
bukan orang pertama yang mengajar saya erti kesabaran
bukan orang petama yang mengajar saya erti keikhlasan
bukan orang pertama yang mengajar saya erti kemaafan
tapi saya tahu,

orang yang tahu menghargai kasih sayang
bukan terhadap saya, tetapi terhadap keluarga dan kawan

orang yang tahu menghadapi kesabaran
bila masalah datang silih berganti

orang yang tahu makna keikhlasan
bila awak terima segala pemberian saya tanpa alasan

orang yang tahu bagaimana untuk memaafkan seseorang
bila awak selalu memaafkan setiap kesalahan yang saya lakukan berulang kali

sekarang kita bukan lagi macam dulu
sekarang kita cuma kawan

hampir setahun dah berlalu
semuanya dah berubah

Saya tetap mendoakan
yang terbaik untuk awak
walau apa pun yang terjadi

Saya ucapkan terima kasih atas relationship yang pernah kita lalui. 
Terima kasih sebab pernah berkongsi jiwa raga bersama.
 Terima kasih kerana menjadi sebahagian hidup dan pengalaman hidup saya. 
Moga awak berjaya dalam kehidupan. 
Sekali lagi, terima kasih.


Selamat Hari Jadi 


11 November 2011

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Sunshine

Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds 
and warming your soul, 
you are the sunlight in my life..
I need your love stay here by my side

I need your love stay here by my side

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lost Relationship and It's HURT

I see your smile
I know your mind 
No words need be said
I understand

Rob just called Kris a fruitcake LMAO!
“Yeah, she (Kristen Stewart) loved that [wedding] scene. It’s a very girly scene.”

Focused on each other
We listen and we care
Laughter ripples like water
Together, we are

Others are here, yes
And we value them, yes
But a special bond remains
A line between us TWO

Each relationship is special
Each is unique
And so is ours
We know

And then time begins to roll
and rear it's ugly head
Change begins
Now a little less than before

Slowly, surely,
Not knowing why
faster, stronger, without care
our world shifts and shimmers and splits

Shattered shard cascade down
Spurred by angry, lashing words
Contorted faces, stone deaf ears
Outside the whirlwind
We die inside

The scars run deep
Jagged clefts in our soul
We have suceeded in hurting
And hurt ourselves

So you move on
and I remain
We keep on living
turn our faces apart

Now I glances across
At you from outside
Shaded eyes dry with tears
New friends, new life

Laughter, smiling
The flippant toss of the head
The enclosure surrounds you
I cannot come near

From behind your glass window
You know more than those within
You see the hurt in my eyes
You know the pain in my smile
You have been there before - I Love You
Why do you pretend?

I hate see your pain
And I cry inside 
Tears deep within my soul
I cannot help you anymore

What we had once
We can never have again

The scars run deep
But I still care

sweet :)

I really hope you can just change just a bit for our love before.. that's all.. but it's too late..

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Love Hurt

End of love means end of the world for some, where people are unable to comes to terms with the end in relationship often get depressed and are more likely to try drastic methods since they cannot stand the pain end of relationship brings together. There is a proverb that proves love to be a truthful thing it is “where there is love there is pain”. Love can bring up pain in different forms not just through break up.

Love gives pain whenever your beloved is in pain or suffering. Love ensures that you will suffer as much or maybe more when your beloved is suffering just because you cannot do anything to ease out the pain and the emotional turbulence your beloved is going through.



Lets face it; we all have troubles when it comes to any relationship. Good relationships can be hard to come by. But, that should never be a reason why you don’t cater to them. I personally know that when dealing with any relationship you have to cater to it.
Having any type of friendship means you have to treat like it’s your teeth, well not exactly, but a relationship requires upkeep. You always have to keep in mind that nothing is perfect. Yes there are going to be good, bad, and sad times, but this is all apart of building a relationship with anyone. In order to get where you are going there has to be a couple of bumps in the road. The good thing about the bumps in the road is that you learn life long lessons, which is why you should never look at the bad or sad times as negative. Look at them as a time of learning and experience for your future.
Another great thing about these experiences is that you never know whom you can help that had the same problem as you. I can remember like it was yesterday when I lost my best friend. I cant say that it was a day where I was proud, but it was apart of getting older. Losing my best buddy was hard, she was like my only friend. I had known here since I was in form one and by the time I got to college we lost each other. It was really dumb and if I could change the way I did things, I would. I must say that if didn’t lose her, some things that have happen in my life wouldn’t have happened that way because I wouldn’t have been faced with those situations. Although it hurt to lose her, I still continued to have friends, but I could never trust the same.
Trust is key when building any relationship. Without trust there is nothing. So whenever building a relationship with anyone, make sure you can trust him or her. If you ever feel yourself questioning what someone is telling you, that means you have no trust for him or her. I can’t stress how important trust is. Another key thing in any type of relationship is communication. You must learn to have a clear communication with people, that’s the only way to have a healthy relationship.
Over time I have learned the ups and downs to a healthy loving relationship; you have to go through a lot to get be great. So sit back, enjoy the ride, remember that nothing is perfect. Never ever forget to live, love, and laugh; those are the things I live by.

p/s : I saw something that make me realized about 'passion and LOVE'. I've learned new thing and I will write about it next day. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Good Relationship = Hard Work

It can sometimes be difficult to maintain a long-term loving relationship. There are days they will drive you nuts, and there are days where they will pull away from you. You can’t physically keep someone from leaving your relationship, but you can improve it and try to reconnect to your partner in little ways.
You may think that throwing a lot of money or romance at the situation is the best medicine, but sometimes that can greatly backfire. The best way to make sure your relationship continues to grow and blossom is by actively making the effort every day. When you wake up in the morning, instead of letting your mind drift to frustrations or stress, think of one reason why you love your significant other. It doesn’t have to be major—something small will equally suffice. You don’t even have to tell them (although it wouldn’t hurt to do so occasionally). But just thinking about reasons why you love your partner will open you up each and every day to them.
You also must be patient and understanding. Try to see their qualms from their point of view. Instead of having a monocular view, try to have binocular one. This means being able to understand to understand why they’re feeling what they are. Once you shift your focus from just thinking of yourself, you can focus on thinking about your partner and your relationship as a whole.
Be affectionate. Touch your partner in non-sexual ways. Snuggle on the couch when watching TV, hold their hands, or simply hug them. You can really soothe many issues with really comforting and safe body contact.
Sometimes it’s easy to forget that love takes work. It’s like a precious flower that must live in the right soil and get the right amount of sun in order to grow and flourish. Make sure you take the time to enable your love and relationship to continue to grow.

p/s: If He's da one you want, ♥ You Should Trust HIM,be patient and Waiting =) 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Here's 2nd Blog - newborn ♥

ωєℓ¢σмє 2 му ρяσƒιℓє


♥ MyMy
♥ Ai is 20 tiga tahun
♥ I love my familia and my bestie ~ Siti Fatimah ♥ Ahmad Johari
♥ This is my second blog, and blog asal dah tutup tapi semua entry lama dah pindah ke blog ni. so apa2 link yang ada kat entry lama kiranya dah expired.

 usually i'm using Sabahan's language hehe ~ proud to be Sabahan's. Yay! 
 sometimes entry ini seolah olah berada di dalam kelas sastera.
so, sila teruskan sesi pembacaan anda yaa..
all the photos here was mine. so do my story.. unless i'm giving a credit, so makna nya i'm taking it from the other site hehe i feel like sharing.. everything that i feel like writing about.. i would consider my blog as more of personal blog.. if u actually go through ALL my post that i have post, I LOVE YOU. thanks for read dear 


That sad moment when you can feel you and your bestfriend drifting apart
If I cried a thousand tears, would you only fear that you would hear? If I lied a thousand lies, would you take me with no surprise? If I loved you like the moon sways the dewy grass in the late of night, would you only close your eyes? If have I sang you the songs of the heavens, would you ignore me with no loving? If the sun showed you my path, would you take it or misuse the wrath? If I looked in your eyes, and told you I tore down the great wall would you soon realize? If I smiled and told you please love me the way you did, would you only nod and tell me to get rid? If I smelt your passion,would you treat me like our old fashion? If i swelled in your heart, would you promise me we will never be apart? But now that this, us, has dulled into a slight breeze that only whispers are hearts of sin, would you still forgive me then?

p/s : credit the picture to Joe

Monday, 23 May 2011

Contest Treasure Hunt Online Season 3 | Jom menangi hadiah menarik

Ini adalah STICK POST
sila scroll ke bawah untuk entry terbaru

Mynewshub baru sahaja membuat beberapa aktiviti menarik yang menawarkan hadiah cukup lumayan seperti 'Komen dan Menang' dan 'Treasure Hunt Online' yang baru sahaja memasuki musim yang ke-3 yang akan bermula pada 9 Mei 2011 ini. Bagi yang tidak mengetahui, Mynewshub merupakan satu portal berita yang baru sahaja di lancarkan.

Hadiah Pertama: 1 x Macbook Pro  
Hadiah Kedua: 1 x Nikon D3100  
Hadiah Ketiga: 30 x Voucher Petronas RM100
Treasure Hunt Online memerlukan korang mencari jawapan berdasarkan petunjuk yang terselit di dalam berita Mynewhub dan kumpulkan semua jawapan tersebut sebelum tarikh tutup penyertaan. Jawapan yang di cari adalah tajuk berita, mudah kan. 

kalau rasa nda yakin maw join, korang komen jak di mana-mana berita Mynewshub, dan hadiah yang menarik menanti korang sekiranya rezeki tersebut berpihak kepada korang. Alaaa~ komen dan menang, senang bukan :)

syarat penyertaan Terasure Hunt Online ----> KLIK SINI
untuk mendapatkan maklumat lebih lanjut

p/s : Sila LIKE post ini, korang kan baik hati dan comel macam aku :)


Thursday, 12 May 2011

:: Fakta Menarik "BlOgger Friends FOrever (BFF)" ::

:: Fakta Menarik "BlOgger Friends FOrever (BFF)" ::

menggalakkn hubungan yang lebih akrab sesama blOgger

mengeratkan hubungan antara blOgger2 yg telah jOin cOntest
(untuk lihat list nama peserta KLIK SINI)

dapat tOpup percuma sekiranya menjadi pemenang bertuah yang dicari!

aku menjadi  pilihan buat blogger nie sebagai rakan blogger yang paling rapat dengan dia. Thanks a lot to Alongxp sebab dia juga lah orang pertama yang sudi ajar aku guna Twitter hehe. baik kan dia? :)
so di sebabkan dia telah tag aku, maka harus lah aku tunaikan permintaan tag kali nie dan contest kali nie adalah tentang Blogger Friend Forever ~ myyyy ada juga orang sudi buat contest macam nie and credit kepada tuan penganjur iaitu Cik Diana dan Cik Mira yang anjurkan contest sebegini, rasanya nda ramai blogger yang buat contest pasal Friends of Blogger kan :)

Siapakah rakan blogger yang korang kenal rapat or baik?

ramai sangat but so far yang paling rapat dan kenal dengan baik ialah Cik BamBam, Ziema, Tia, Cikgu Fiq, Sis Aieda, MisS Nadh,  Izzaty Hedry dan sudah tentu lah Alongxp 

Nyatakan blog sape yang korang suke masuk, selalu komen or lepak?

aku pengomen tegar Cik Bambam~ :) memang setiap kali masuk blog dia, aku akan drop comment dekat semua entry, bukan nak bajet komen banyak tapi aku memang suka komen sebab dia rajin update entry, begitu juga dengan Ziema, Sis Aieda, Tia dan Cikgu Fiq

Lengkapkan slogan.. "Saya layak bergelar seOrang "Blogger Friends Forever (BFF)" kerana 
perkenalan aku dengan mereka bukan setakat di alam maya tapi tulus dari hati untuk mengenali dengan lebih dekat. 
Sila tag kepada 3 orang blogger lain and make sure they'Olls tahu yg diorang ditag..

Cik Bambam yang Hot dan Comel macam otromen
Ziema bakal Doktor Love 
Tia dari The Land Below Wind
Sis Aieda yang baik hati dan rajin mereview

and untuk mereka yang berminat juga boleh lah klik sini
tarikh tutup 25 Mei 2011


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rindu seorang blogger menjawab pertanyaan

ada seorang nie blogger nie yang rindu kat aku~ (n_n)Y
Ooh my~ thanks Tia sebab tag aku untuk jawab persoalan nie semua.
satu ari aku nda update blog kan? 
ya~ last entry aku pasal blogger sabah, satu kejadian buruk telah menimpa aku :(
aku nda maw cerita pasal tue kat blog~ yang penting sampai sekarang aku masih trauma sebab kejadian tue..
sekarang nak jawab semua soalan nie plak..

5 tarikh penting
hari lahir seluruh ahli keluarga adalah paling penting
tarikh puasa dan raya paling di ingati
cuti semester juga penting
hari lahir si dia sudah semestinya
dan yang terakhir sudah tentu birthday aku 

5 perkara di buat semalam
bangun lewat pagi buat pertama kali
pergi ofis untuk selesaikan urusan penting
melayan movie Step Up3 dengan family

online twitter with Ziema
bila dah ngantuk, tidur

5 perkara yang buat korang gembira
nothing special on dis week coz minggu nie paling teruk rasanya~
tapi rasa sedih tue still terubat dengan komen yang telah di bagi di blog.
thank you sangat kat korang yang sudi yang drop comment kat blog ini
dan special thanks to Ziema coz chatting semalam dapat juga legakan rasa hati yang tengah gundah gulana sekarang.
dan juga Tia sebab rindukan aku :)

5 sebab jawab soalan
dengan rasa rindu, Tia tag aku untuk jawab soalan ini
maaf, cuma ada 1 sebab utama sahaja untuk menjawab soalan ini :)

5 orang blogger yang di tag

peminat setia otromen yang comel dan hot!

luckiest sister on twitter

orang yang baik hati selalu sudi tunjuk ajar

rakan blogger yang paling peramah

adik ku yang makin maju dalam dunia blog


Monday, 9 May 2011

Oh blogger Sabah ~ Nda atau Tidak sama jak!

credit to Tia

The Land Below Wind~ I'm proud to be Sabahan~
aisehhh punya semart intro pagi nie (n_n)Y
since Tia dan Adan pernah buat post pasal negeri sabah, aku pun maw buat jua bha~ korang pun sedia maklum kan yang aku berasal daripada Sabah, sebab tue entry aku penuh dengan loghat Sabah tapi korang still boleh faham ~ thank you :)

sejujurnya loghat Sabah aku nda lah sepekat mana sebab loghat Sabah sebenarnya ikut bangsa juga tapi kalau  aku buat entry ikut loghat bangsa, alamat~ korang semua tekan X pula nati kan hehe.. so aku cuma guna bahasa manual jak, means semua orang sabah kebanyakan pakai bahasa yang sama nda kira lah berlainan bangsa. erm~ faham? hehe jangan kamu bingung dulu arr :)

contoh bahasa yang di gunakan,

Nda - 'nda' nie sama jak maksud dengan tidak atau tak tapi memang rasa janggal bila orang Sabah bercakap menggunakan ayat 'tak' atau 'tidak' melainkan dia flaksibel dengan sesuatu bahasa so penggunaan ayat 'nda' adalah lebih senang. perkataan nie boleh di gunakan untuk menggantikan perkataan 'tak' dan 'tidak'

Tiada - 'teda' pula bermaksud tiada. ini cuma perkataan Tiada yang telah di singkatkan menjadi 'teda' tapi aku memang jarang guna ayat nie dalam entry sebab nati korang nda faham pula. so, majoriti orang Sabah memang kerap guna ayat 'teda' berbanding 'tiada'. cuma nda kesemua lah~ ikut sesuatu bangsa sebab loghat sini memang pekat sangat :)

Bha / Bah - ayat paling femes amos di Sabah ialah BHA/BAH . 'bha' lebih kurang sama dengan penggunaan ayat 'okei' cuma nampak macam kasar sikit bila bercakap secara direct dengan seseorang. selalunya ayat 'bha' nie bermaksud 'setuju' akan sesuatu. 
contoh situasi

Adan baru tahu yang Tia nie satu daerah dengan dia di Sandakan so Adan pun maw ajak Tia pergi bazaar ramadhan nati ~ :)

Adan : nati boleh lah kan pergi bazaar ramadhan sama²..
  Tia : bha boleh jak..

tue contoh situasi cuma kadang² penggunaan ayat nie boleh menjadikan sesuatu keadaan nampak seperti kasar~ ehh ramai yang cakap orang Sabah kalau bercakap memang kasar kan? nda juga semua orang Sabah bercakap kasar cuma penggunaan ayat tue jak yang nampak kasar :) dan satu lagi, orang Sabah kalau bercakap memang laju, selaju keratapi dari Tanjung Aru ke Beaufort hehe.. itu nda di nafikan sebab aku pun cakap laju gak~ dan problem aku kalau bercakap, memang laju sangat sampai orang nda faham.. rasanya Cikgu Fiq pernah bercakap dengan aku dan dia tahu lah selaju mana aku bercakap hehehe~ :)

last but not least~ jangan terkejut kalau korang datang Sabah, tengok budak² bercakap dengan parents dorang 'Kau Aku' hehehe.. bukan nak kurang ajar cuma memang macam nie lah cara percakapan orang Sabah. 

jom berkenalan dengan blogger dari Sabah ~ best bah berkawan dengan dorang sebab semuanya peramah dan baik ati taw~ cuma nda taw lah kalau dorang nie cakap laju² atau nda hehe..

p/s : korang nak blog nie guna bahasa Sabah atau nda? maksudnya blog nie tidak akan menggunakan bahasa Sabah lansung :)

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