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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lost Relationship and It's HURT

I see your smile
I know your mind 
No words need be said
I understand

Rob just called Kris a fruitcake LMAO!
“Yeah, she (Kristen Stewart) loved that [wedding] scene. It’s a very girly scene.”

Focused on each other
We listen and we care
Laughter ripples like water
Together, we are

Others are here, yes
And we value them, yes
But a special bond remains
A line between us TWO

Each relationship is special
Each is unique
And so is ours
We know

And then time begins to roll
and rear it's ugly head
Change begins
Now a little less than before

Slowly, surely,
Not knowing why
faster, stronger, without care
our world shifts and shimmers and splits

Shattered shard cascade down
Spurred by angry, lashing words
Contorted faces, stone deaf ears
Outside the whirlwind
We die inside

The scars run deep
Jagged clefts in our soul
We have suceeded in hurting
And hurt ourselves

So you move on
and I remain
We keep on living
turn our faces apart

Now I glances across
At you from outside
Shaded eyes dry with tears
New friends, new life

Laughter, smiling
The flippant toss of the head
The enclosure surrounds you
I cannot come near

From behind your glass window
You know more than those within
You see the hurt in my eyes
You know the pain in my smile
You have been there before - I Love You
Why do you pretend?

I hate see your pain
And I cry inside 
Tears deep within my soul
I cannot help you anymore

What we had once
We can never have again

The scars run deep
But I still care

sweet :)

I really hope you can just change just a bit for our love before.. that's all.. but it's too late..

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