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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

JUST friends

I have this friend and we have known each other for like more than 5 years. On 2005 he asked me out and be his girlfriend and i said no.  Now we were still as close as we were. Maybe that's just be willing to keep our friendship. Nothing changed. We are now best friend, but suddenly..  we're trying to hook up and move on to another phase. So after we go through all the things in a few days, we realize.. when we saw each other with different eyes via Skype  HaHaa ~ well, right now he still studying at KL and i'm still here at Sabah waiting to finish up my studies and people might called it 'Long Distance Relationship'.. 

so, we're trying to be together but.. it's very weird and awkward. Back then, it was all about very good friendship and relation, but we manage to break it because of what others thought who we are. We need to strive hard to be humble and just preserve the great friendship that we have eventhough it's gonna be hard at the start still we need to have the acceptance in our heart that we'll be friends forever. Well, as he say it, let go and everybody deserves someone who makes them look forward to tomorrow.

Well, it's really difficult not to fall in love with your best friend, especially if he or she is so sweet and being nice right? But i didn't fall in love with my best friend.. but my love did become my best friend HahaHa jokes! ok ~ it's true. It is not hard to fall in love with a best friend who is always there for you, who you can trust and you can be yourself with the person. It is hard not to fall in love but even you fell in love with you best friend, you might feel the like you are nothing besides JUST friends and that relationship can ruined everything. Life was rocky sometime ago and almost give up hope.. but there is always a new beginning.. let's pray and move ahead.

he is my classmate. my scandalism. Opsss. the best ever partner when doing our assignment, mini-project, hanging out, going shopping, watching the movie, having breakfast and lunchie together and doing every single things together like a couple but still, consider as a my best friend kann Zam haha.. 
sorry babe, didn't mean to make ur girlfriend jealous but she know me kan? haha..
we were closed since in semester 1 until now. 

someone has been told me, 
Pesan aku sebagai seorang sahabat, jangan pernah bercinta dengan sahabat kamu sendiri.. kelak kamu akan menghancurkan hubungan yang istimewa itu, melainkan sahabat kamu itu adalah jodoh kamu sendiri.

p/s : noted for myself


ecadwinkyasha said...

jodoh itu akan dtg sendiri :D

LittleSunshine said...

hehe insyaAllah.. kita pun tak taw kan :)

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