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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

it's 2013 guys!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

am i late? yes i am. haha pardon me. Happy New Year 2013. yeahh lately, i have been so busy doing to many things until i have to abandoned my precious blog. crap! plus, there's no internet at my home.. and yes. i'm busy tweeting too sampai lah BIS expired then malas nak topup. haha. 

btw, January 2013 is going to be ended. i still have some plenty time to spend with my families and friends. yet, i have to start thinking about working since bergelar penganggur terhormat selama ermm.. november disember januari. goshh! kena start fokus dengan kerja lepas ni. 

ok. be serious. 

what i'm expect from this year? i think.. sambung study IF there's no job i can do. HaHaa. sure joe akan marah if dia dapat tahu macam ni. yaaa.. banyak lagi tak buat sebenarnya. lapor diri yang tergendala. transcript that never done do. guiding some friends. attending people weddings too. oh ohh.. i target nak kawen tahun ni. kahkahkahh.

i don't know laa blog ni dah macam ni. dah hilang rentak untuk berblogging and IF aku rasa nak meluah sesuatu.. i will write it down here. oh typing. pardon me. itu pun kalau ada internet laa kan. kalau ada pun, malas. haha

so guys, im wishing u all Happy New Year 2013. may this year will bring u guys a lot of happiness, memories and news and so all. and of course, i only wish yang baik baik sahaja for u guys ok. 

yang baik itu datang daripada Allah S.W.T dan yang buruk itu datang daripada diri kita sendiri. 

i am welcoming everyone yang singgah di blog ini. 

with love,

ian. dian. dyan. M
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